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Stitch Liveshow – Episode 10 – Minimal

The Stitch Liveshow is a weekly broadcast playing a different musical genre every time. It’s not live, not a show, not weekly, not broadcasted and Stitch is fictional. Follow the Stitch Liveshow on Twitter.

Ever drove that same car at 2 am in the morning while the radio was playing? Did it sound repetitive and generally uninspiring? Then you where listening to minimal; the worst kind of minimal. I’ve had several near-accidents due to those shows, so no wonder minimal wasn’t my best friend.

Luckily, after minimal track selection, a minimal number of tracks containing good minimal and minimal-trance like tunes was selected. Mixing was good, some epic transitions here and there.

Total playing time: 56.25


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Filesize: 129,3 MB, 320 kbit.


  1. J-Soul – Quadbit (Original Mix)
  2. Lagora – Init
  3. Maetrik – Paradigm House (Mike Shannon Remix)
  4. Limouzina – Back to Heaven (Guy Mantzur Floating Mix)
  5. Dyno – Interferenza
  6. AD Set – Shrill Voice
  7. Daniele Petronelli – Hablando (Vandalism Remix)
  8. Edit-Select – Deposer
  9. Dersonna – Is It In (Original Mix)
  10. Jax Zero – Plink Plonk
  11. King Richard – Karma

Stitch – Neige Mix 1 (2003 Archives)

My first dance mix. Made back in 2003 with cut-and-paste audio editing software, a few Klubbheads Desire CD’s and a simple headphone. I remember creating this in one weekend, in 35 hours, with a classic version of iTunes/Amadeus Pro on my iMac DV 400mhz. Those where the days, it got the job done.

When “releasing” this track, I got massive positive response from friends to people I didn’t know. One guy used to play this every day on his way to work 😀 ha, thats’s awesome. So without further a due: clicky!



  1. Golava – Mellow Drums
  2. Dj Tiesto – Flight 643
  3. Mauro Picotto – Verde
  4. Marco V – Indicator
  5. Profools – Upgrade 1.1
  6. JAK – Tehrap
  7. DJ Gollum & DJ Yanni – Shithead
  8. Resonance – SDM
  9. Builder – Skyscraper (DJ Luca Antolini Mix)
  10. DJ Luna – Union One
  11. Hardheadz – In Yer Phaze
  12. DJ Isaac – Nobody Listens to Techno
  13. Bass Boy – Let the bass be louder
  14. ID & T Preview Jingle “Fuck It All” from that jingle company…