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Polaroids in HTML

To make the showcase on the Hack42 wiki look better, i came up with an idea: polaroids. Instead of showing default lists with pictures, you can also show them in a fashion people can relate to. In about an hour i worked out the idea. The list of pictures now looks like a spread of polaroids with words written on them.

With the intelligence in most browsers, it looks even better than expected. For the nerds: below the picture i’ll explain what i did. Also check the project page on the 42 wiki.



The pictures are normal pictures inside a <div>. The div has a padding of 10 pixels. Because of the description, the text under the picture adds to the polaroid effect.

The divs have a 1 pixel border, and use CSS3.0 (and browser specific) shadow and rotation.

The font is called GoodDog. It’s supposed to look like handwriting done with a permanent marker. The font face declaration uses external fonts that are located on the web server. The link is always black, even if you’ve visited the page. The CSS was injected into mediawiki, so it works in all skins.

Check out the information on the project page on the 42 wiki, source is on this page.

2012 rockets for 2012

At Bit & Nieuw we launched 2012 mini-rockets from an old oil drum. Following the instructions on the label, we did exactly what was told: place it in a container [X], use a certified lighter [X] and keep your distance [X]. Result: a massacre and guaranteed much less safe than regular fireworks (so more awesome).

Step 1: take 2012 rockets

Step 2: place them in a container

Step 3: light it up and start yelling

(Video made by zarya)

(Video by Vicarious from AckSpace)