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Laser Portraits

YES! I love this, all of this design just screams “NO” and defines an era of portraits!

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Stitch has one! Do you?


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Retrospace, 10 december, Den Haag

Awesome Retro is going to give its first retro-gaming night in The Hague. We’re working very hard to make it absolutely great! From the website:

On december 10, you can expect a big lounge, which is transformed into into an epic retro-gaming arena.  We’ll make sure there are over 30 playable consoles, stacks of games, pinball machines and even airhockey. There’ll be lots of beamers, tv’s and stuff from the past to enjoy. The first Retrospace features 12+ hours of party-gaming.

Some titles: Pong (mentor), Super Smash Brothers (N64), Samba De Amigo (dreamcast), Super Mario Brothers 3 (NES), Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Sega), Astroids (Vectrex), Wipeout (playstation), Pac-Man (Atari 800 XE), Donkey Kong Country (SNES), Destruction Derby (playstation), and lots, lots lots lots more!