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Valentine’s day almost gone wrong…

Today i tried to arrange something special for a special someone. After a couple of calls and lot of happyness stress i finally recieved a no go for today. Thats a pity, but its only for the 14th valentines day. I came to the conclusion that it is valentines day every day. You love someone, or you dont. I do love someone and i want her to know in the way i think it is appropriate to show 🙂 So my plans got delayed a little bit but will succeed!

Yesterday i found a way to show my affection in the way that i should show it. The only problem is to find the people that will help me accomplish my goal. Luckily there are some people out there willing and able to help me in the name of love and good will. It took me the whole day to arrange something and when that (call it plan A) failed i switched to plan B. Damn i very much hope so i can carry it out soon. I have the feeling there is not 1 second to loose. 

Heerser van het universum

Thum THum THUMMMMM!!!!! Maak kennis met de heerser van het gehele universum. Zonder het zelf te beseffen is het onderstaande figuur het symbool van het complete alles. Alle tijden, gedachten, levens, planeten tot wat denkbaar en niet denkbaar is. Voorbij het absolute einde der tijden en net iets voor het begin ervan. De oplossing en de oorsprong van het dilemma. De mogelijkheid. Volledig.