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(my first) liveset with Psychic & Ubik (HAR FM 2009)

Today I stumbled upon an audio file from HAR FM. This was the radio studio on Hackers At Random, the large hacker-camp in the Netherlands in 2009.

At that time, i just started DJ-ing. At home i had two technics SL D2 turntables, bought for about three (3) euro. These tables are direct drive and have a stable platter. I also started using FinalScratch, which is a digital-vinyl solution.

The first liveset

On HAR2009, both 2600(de) and HARFM had some turntables up and running. This was the first time i could work with real turntables, and well: actually mix things for real! My first attempt was at the 2600 dj booth. They brought great german breakbeat music. Unfortunately i still don’t know the specific genre.

DJ Ubik was about to play that night, but he was stoned and zoned out. So Psychic and me proposed we would do a back to back session. This has been one of the most awesome experiences ever.

Ubik brought his Drum & Bass collection, a selection of very fine niche selection of Drum & Bass. He did the record selection and together we did our extreme best to mix everything together.

Thanks to the HAR FM team for recording the show and the amazing broadcast facilities.


Download the Drum & Bass mix here: *click*.