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Stitch Liveshow – Episode 9 – Goa

The Stitch Liveshow is a ‘weekly’ show playing a different musical genre each ‘week’. Follow the Stitch Liveshow on Twitter.

Goa… a psychedelic version of trance. Continuous beats with psychedelic blurps and tweets. This really allows for hours and hours of mixing without noticing.

Artwork is taken from my tape-digitizing project; not the ones from Rave Radio since those where well preserved. I destroyed all covers and most of the plastic casings. So well, more pictures, audio fragments and backgrounds soon.

Mixing is damn good this time. I used a more patient technique which works great. Downside is that 80 minutes now hold just 19 tracks, instead of my regular 30. Goa doesn’t allow fast mixing, that would mean destroying the atmosphere. There are still about 500 tracks unchecked, which means another Goa mix soon.

Enjoy this set, its my best one yet.

Total playing time: 1:18:44


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Filesize: 180,6 MB, 320 kbit.


  1. M O S – Fire
  2. Alien Project – Crystal skulls
  3. Psysex – Come in Peace
  4. Lemurians – Shining With You
  5. Swaya – The Mad Maggot
  6. Psysex – Flying Saucers
  7. Infected Mushroom – None of this is real
  8. Astrix – Artcore
  9. Panick – Highway 61
  10. Electric Universe – Solylun
  11. Synchro – Magnetic
  12. Psysex – Altered States (Coco Loco Remix)
  13. Infected Mushroom – Deeply Dis….???
  14. Sol At Luna – Es Is Voller Sterne (remix)
  15. Logic Bomb – Future Uncertain
  16. Astral Projection – Cosmic Ascension
  17. Hux-Flux – Cryptic Crunch
  18. Psysex – Imprint
  19. Twisted System – Stark Raver