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TL;DR: Download RAGE.wav

Long story

Last week i was experimenting with some audio effects. Amazing how the volume can be cranked up to reach absolute insanity without clipping. The rage.wav file is in fact recorded whispering 🙂 Then i added the most ridiculous audio effects to make it sound … ridiculous.

The effect chain consists of the following ingredients:

  • Multiband Dynamics (no background noise, more highs)
  • Warmth
  • Vocoder (modulator effect)
  • Compression
  • Saturator (Hard Curve FTW)
  • Limiter (to “avoid” clipping)
I uploaded the original for remixing purposes. Can you increase the volume and impact even more?

Retrospace, 10 december, Den Haag

Awesome Retro is going to give its first retro-gaming night in The Hague. We’re working very hard to make it absolutely great! From the website:

On december 10, you can expect a big lounge, which is transformed into into an epic retro-gaming arena.  We’ll make sure there are over 30 playable consoles, stacks of games, pinball machines and even airhockey. There’ll be lots of beamers, tv’s and stuff from the past to enjoy. The first Retrospace features 12+ hours of party-gaming.

Some titles: Pong (mentor), Super Smash Brothers (N64), Samba De Amigo (dreamcast), Super Mario Brothers 3 (NES), Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Sega), Astroids (Vectrex), Wipeout (playstation), Pac-Man (Atari 800 XE), Donkey Kong Country (SNES), Destruction Derby (playstation), and lots, lots lots lots more!

Inverse Graffiti @ RevSpace

Cleaning the revspace floortiles with a pressure cleaner comes with options. Awesome options. After some initial brainstorming and instant-proof-of-concepts the idea landed; we need a logo at our entrance. Can we fix that instantly? Yes of course!

It turned out to be easy; within 3 hours of work we realized a life-size RevSpace logo. Check it out and apply it to wherever whenever: its easy and it rocks.

Welcome to RevSpace!


First we started with a projector; which Stitch and Ikarus aligned and stabilized matching the side of the Revspace entrance.


Next; we use tape. A lot of tape. With two people it took too long, so Juerd and FooBar joined the party. We used up all the tape available in the space, but unfortunately that wasn’t enough. GMC rushed home to get more and that worked out. We only had about 20 centimeters of tape left! 🙂


Taping takes about 3 rolls of tape and 2 hours:

Spot cleaning the tiles with pressurized water only takes about 15 minutes:


Final cleaning for dramatic contrast enhancement effect:

Removing the tape:

End Result: WIN!


The following day, in bright daylight (image rotated 180 degrees):

Thanks to Ikarus, Juerd, FooBar, Stitch and GMC.

HITBSecConf2011 presentation on Hack42

I did a presentation on Dutch Hackerspace Hack42: how we built it and what you can find there. It was a light-talk to get the track started. Fun! Hack in the Box is one of the leading security conferences in the world.

Slides: D1 SIGINT – Elger Stitch Jonker – Building the Hackerspace.pdf

Slides in image format: HITBSecConf2011 – Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam – 19 en 20 mei 2011


“We got our space in February and in just a few months we’ve built something amazing. In these fifteen minutes we’ll try to show you everything we’ve done; from the museum to the atmosphere, from the labs to the bar and even our cozy restrooms.”

About Elger ‘Stitch’ Jonker

Some say that during daytime he’s a mad scientist at a large IT specialist. Others say that during nighttime he works on Awesome Retro, Rave Radio and Hack42. All we know is, he’s called The Stitch.