Curriculum Vitae

Elger Jonker MISD
Ethical Hacker, Desk Researcher, Innovator


2010 – present Employed at Centric Netherlands B.V., Public Sector Solutions
Function Security / Ethical Hacker (since March 1 2013)

Innovative projects
SQL Server Modeling, Silverlight, Visual Studio Test Professional, Team Foundation Server
Ethical hacking, Policy making, Governance
Antwerpseweg 8, 2803 PB Gouda, The Netherlands
2003 – 2010 CEO of Elexis, Private Company, 50% shareholder, 2 man company

Specialized in IT projects with PHP5, MySQL5, HTML4/x and Javascript. Developed a code generation platform.


2010 – present Chairman and initiator of Stichting Awesome Retro (Retro Gaming)
Responsible for daily operations, volunteers, public relations. Visited 20+ events from small to huge, organized 3 small events.
2012 – present Core volunteer of Observe. Hack. Make. 2013 hacker festival, 3k visitors.
Responsible for a major entertainment project and supporting the organization with communicative and tech skills.
2012 Founder of, worldwide hackerspace aggregation site.
2011 – 2012 Co-initiator of (50% responsible)
A network and outlet for all Dutch hackerspaces. + Creating a network for treasurers of Dutch hacker organizations. Press releases, communication and support.
2010 – 2011 Treasurer and co-founder of hackerspace Stichting Hack42
Responsible for daily operations and treasury. Included policy making and software support. Currently honerary member.
2010 Secretary of Stichting Eth0, responsible for Winter 2011 edition.
Responsible for most organizational and communication between 2009
and 2010.
2002 – present Visiting leading hacking and security conferences including NE2000, Hack in the Box, 27c3, 29c3, EMFcamp, HAR2009, GovCert, NCSC etc.Presenting subjects such as Hackerspaces, Hacking for beginners, MediaWiki, Quizzes etc. at various hacker- and security conferences.

Skills and sites

2010 – present Developed with MediaWiki,,, Products also used on other dutch hacker websites. Cumulative over 5000 manual edits.
2010 – present Developed with WordPress,,,,,,,
Miscellaneous Ethical hacking -, Office -, Development- and Creative toolsets.


2008 – 2010 Master of Information Systems Development at Hogeschool of Arnhem
en Nijmegen, completed.

SQL, Relational Modeling, Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM) and more.
Formal title

MISD (postfix)

2001 – 2006 Bachelor of IT at Hogeschool of Arnhem en Nijmegen, completed.

Project management, College Major in 61850 Testing at KEMA Arnhem, College Minor in Accessibility of Technology for Seniors.
Formal title
Ing. (prefix)

Hobbies and interests

Entire life House music, Music mixing (DJ, Software), Apple Computer, Design, Art.