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For Those Who Like to Reconstruct: Eugenio

My all time favorite mix was broadcasted on For Those Who Like To Groove in 1992. “For Those” was the first house show on Dutch public radio. It has always remained its notorious status due to great music and livesets. Eugenios mix hypnotized me. No matter how hard I tried to stay focussed, it took me away and I was paralyzed once again.

I’ve probably listened to this tape over a thousand times. Even then I still couldn’t remember the set in order; only track by track. (remember one track, and then you remember the next). But my tapes where degrading… I accidentally hit record on a certain part (didn’t remove the clips) and it I started searching on the Internet for “For Those”.

There are a few decent rips. Among these was a set accredited to Menno which was what I was looking for. A partial tracklist was shipped with the rip, but incomplete and incorrect. At the same time I also started collecting old school cd’s. Mostly compilations like serious beats, which where pretty hard to get in 2004. One day I found a cd called Mix the house, which contained the same tracks and same mixing style as the mix accredited to Menno. It was clear that was a mistake as Eugenio appeared to be the king of beats. He was crowned Dutch mixing champion in 1992; here is the inlay of Mix the House:

Inlay of Mix The House with pics of Eugenio and others (click to enlarge)


As said, the online tapes where decent rips, but still lacked in quality. So I decided to reconstruct this one… opening pandora’s box.

All over the net I found For Those fans and started posting requests for tracklists. Slowly but steadily we identified everything; it took months. Next step was to find the actual tracks; of which Teknoises – P Kiop / Trashman – Cosmojunk where most difficult to get. I’ve spent countless hours on Soulseek, discogs and forums, gathering mail addy’s from artists and people willing to rip tracks from their cd’s. In the end it payed off: I got some tracks via mail (parsimony – the evidence by the original artist) and others where found on Soulseek (with weeks of patience).

After a few days in Acid Pro I got it exactly right. Maximizing the volume with L2 and it was done: Eugenio’s mix of 5 september 1992 was reconstructed; a near-perfect replica. The mixdown was published on dancelog accompanied with a cool story (in Dutch). Positive and constructive comments followed including someone who gave the interview with Eugenio (i lost it, sorry). Afterwards it was also placed on the list on website. Many wanted more!!

Now that I’ve got my own blog and I’m clearing out my archive; guess what I found… but before we get to that I want to share the plans for a new reconstruction.

Plans for a new reconstruction?

Before we get to the download; there is some about For Those. First of all, in 2009 presented a new show with lots of great house tracks and an interview with the shows original host Robin. It was a pleasure to listen and I bet there will be more! (the download link is purposely obscured by dotf; you have to google with the hints they supply here…)

Next; over time, between 2005 and 2009, it has gotten easier to find tracks. Youtube has a lot and most tracklists are complete on the For Those Who Like To Groove forum. Hopefully this will make it easier to find tracks, the effort that went into the first reconstruction was absolutely insane.

So, what about the new reconstruction? Yes! That’s something I want to do in 2010, but i’m not sure what mix I should start with. Next four mixes mean the most to me since in those days I started with House:

  • Bart Thimbles’ set from 12 september 1992 [difficult, hard to find tracks]
  • Antoines set from 19 september 1992 [fair]
  • Rob Jansens set from 26 september 1992 [fair]
  • Robin Albers’ set from 3 oktober 1992 (last set of the show) [alright]

Other ideas are also welcome, but most of all; tracks are always welcome. When i’ll start with one of these it will be published here and on the “For Those” forum. Just spam comments to contribute 🙂


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Time: 44.15 minutes in 106 MB @ 320 kbps (from various sources).


  1. Human Resource – Sick [sample]
  2. Gat Decor – Passion
  3. MKM – Little Stars
  4. Studio X – Los Kings Del Mambo
  5. Ramirez – Hablando
  6. Trashman – Cosmojunk
  7. Wishdokta – Banana Sausage
  8. Digital domain – Ill Be Released
  9. Dj Seduction – Hardcore Heaven (The Reincarnation)
  10. Felix – Don’t You Want My Love (Red Jerry’s Holiday Mix)
  11. Meng Syndicate – Sonar System (Aw Aw) [only handclap sample, looped]
  12. Parsimony – Evidence
  13. Total Groove – Bad Jazz
  14. Teknoises – P.Kiop
  15. J ‘n J – The Ballet
  16. Robert Armani – Watch It
  17. Tellurians – Navigator (Lightvessel remix)
  18. Crowd Control – Tranzformer(frankfurt remix)
  19. N.U.K.E. – Nana (Suicide Remix)
  20. DJ Seduction – Higher Now
  21. Edge of motion – Set up 707
  22. Interactive – The Devil (Rami’s Modi Clash)
  23. The Prodigy – Everybody Is In The Place (Dancehall Edit)
  24. E.B.Y. – Kinky Love Disco
  25. Worldparty II – Forget it
  26. DJ Hell – My Definition of House Music (Resistance D Remix)
  27. Liquid – Liquid is Liquid

Hit eXplosion 2010 – Volume 1

It’s back. With smashing new covers that are suitable for work! 🙂 Hit eXplosion delivers all hits of Januari 2010 in a single package. Download sites are hard to find (can’t host it myself due to its not my work, sorry) but can still pick it up from usenet. And even our usenet search engine has changed.

Previous releases can be found somewhere on this site…


Disc 1

  1. Timbaland (feat. Justin Timberlake) – Carry Out
  2. Ryan Shaw – It Gets Better
  3. Craig David – One More Lie
  4. Snoop Dogg – I Wanna Rock
  5. Ray & Anita – In Da Name Of Love
  6. Chris Brown – Crawl
  7. Sade – Soldier Of Love
  8. Black Eyed Peas – Rock That Body
  9. Tiësto (feat. Nelly Furtado) – Who Wants To Be Alone
  10. Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart
  11. Rammstein – Ich Tu Dir Weh
  12. Guus Meeuwis – Laat Mij In Die Waan
  13. Jay-Z (feat. Mr. Hudson) – Forever Young
  14. Diggy Dex – Vandaag
  15. Bon Jovi – Superman Tonight
  16. Rihanna – Hard
  17. Wesley Klein – You Raise Me Up(Winnaar Popstars 2010)
  18. James Morrison – Get To You
  19. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’
  20. New Kids – Groeten Uit Brabant! Kut!

Disc 2

  1. Lasgo – Over You
  2. Cascada – Dangerous
  3. Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey
  4. Dio (feat. Reverse & Jayh) – Cool
  5. The Ian Carey Project – Get Shakey
  6. Alexandra Burke (feat. Flo Rida) – Bad Boys
  7. David Guetta (feat. Kid Cudi) – Memories
  8. Honorebel (feat. Pitbull) – Now You See It
  9. Jurk! – Zou Zo Graag
  10. Red Impulse – Ti Sento
  11. Jamie Cullum – Don’t Stop The Music
  12. Tim Christensen – Superior
  13. Keri Hilson (feat. Akon) – Change Me
  14. Leona Lewis – I Got You
  15. Acda en De Munnik – Eva
  16. Cheryl Cole – Fight For This Love
  17. Iyaz – Replay
  18. Paramore – Brick By Boring Brick
  19. Kelly Clarkson – Don’t Let Me Stop You
  20. Carolina Liar – I’m Not Over
  21. Go Back To The Zoo – Electric
  22. Destine – Spiders


Artwork in the original download is of better quality. These images where reduced in size and quality to save space.

Total Playing Time…: 158:55 / Total Size………..: 378 MB

© 2010 Eazy Productions BV

Stitch Liveshow – Episode 8 – Italo Disco

The Stitch Liveshow is a ‘weekly’ show playing a different musical genre each week. Follow the Stitch Liveshow on Twitter.

For those of you who don’t know: these songs stem from 1983 to 1988 and was one of the larger sounds in discos in western europe and the US.

From “The Best Of Italo Disco” I selected some melodious tunes and mixed them together. During selection all songs started to sound the same, so i tried the <120 bpm section since it has more variety. Those radio/short edits also don’t work 😉 I’ll try some new mixing styles in the next weeks.

As a true compilation series, I was missing a few insanely great tunes. A lot of them are on this “the best of” though… still looking for a remix of Paul Sharada – Florida (move your feet). On discogs the original records do very well; about 15 euro a piece and about 50 people are looking for them.

Some friends told me the Italo scene is still lively, with new cd’s being released until this day. Since i’m missing a lot of classics, i guess another Italo mix is in the pipeline.

Personal favorite: among many Joe – Yellow Wild Boy, Scotch – Pictures and Miko Mission – How Old A You.

Total playing time: 1:40:51


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Filesize: 231,3 MB, 320 kbit.


  1. Funny Twins – You And Me
  2. Joe Yellow – Love At First
  3. Brian Ice – Talking To The Night
  4. Scotch – Pictures
  5. Eddy Huntington – USSR
  6. Miko Mission – How Old A You
  7. Brian Martin – Sex Tonight
  8. Dance Argentina – Let’s All
  9. Valerie Dore – The Night
  10. Silver Pozzoli – Around My Dream
  11. Mike Rogers – Just A Story
  12. Scotch – Disco Band
  13. Solid Strangers – My Delight
  14. Digital Game – Please Don’t Go
  15. Spagna – Call Me
  16. Joe Yellow – I’m Your Lover
  17. G J Lunghi – Acapulco Nights
  18. Hivon – To Be Together
  19. Albert One – For You Love
  20. Albert One – Secrets
  21. Hot Cold – I Can Hear Your Voice
  22. P4F – Medley
  23. Silver Rozzoli – Pretty Baby
  24. Duke Lake – Dance Tonight
  25. Den Harrow – Don’t Break My Heart
  26. Hipnosis – Droid
  27. Koto – Jabdah
  28. Mr Ziwago – Little Russian
  29. Paul Sharada – Florida
  30. Grant Miller – Doctor For My Hearth
  31. P4F – Diamond
  32. Roger Meno – I Find The Way
  33. Rudy & Co – Mama Radio
  34. Patty Ryan – My Love, My Life
  35. Alan Barry – Come On
  36. Chester – Hold The Line
  37. Cyber People – Polaris
  38. Del Faro – Bandiera La Playa Del Sol
  39. Mr Me – I-Go-Down
  40. Ken – Laszlo Madame
  41. Koto – Visitors
  42. Joe – Yellow Wild Boy
  43. Scotch – Penguin’s Invasion

Stitch Liveshow – Episode 7 – Trance (rave mission)

The Stitch Liveshow is a ‘weekly’ show playing a different musical genre each week. Follow the Stitch Liveshow on Twitter.

Today I selected the best trance tunes from Rave Mission; an overrated German dance compilation. Out of all tracks only 10% was useable, the rest was too simple, out-of-bound or just plain shitty. The same label of Rave Mission also creates “Trance Meister”; a name that makes me giggle. But I’ve gotta be fair; there are some really good songs here and for the time (1994-2001) it probably was alright.

It would have helped eating lesser candy before the set; during the first half hour I was too eager to start new tracks. If Daim would by any more delicious, it would probably be the new popular cause of death. The picture/album art (above) shows the result of 30 minutes of contact between a human and Daim. Death by Daim anyone?

On the upside; I figured out that trance is fun to play and even can put the dj in a trance. Great stuff. Just what the world needs; another trance dj :p

Personal favorite: Ruff Drivers – Waiting for the Sun (remix)

Total playing time: 1:53:20


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Filesize: 272,3 MB, 320 kbit.


  1. Airscape – Cruising (Exposure Mix)
  2. Soulslider – Give Me All You Got
  3. Love and Fate – Love and Fate (Part 2)
  4. Orinoko – Mama Konda (Original Mix)
  5. Frank Brook – Queens
  6. U.K.W. – Electric Love (Seikos Remix)
  7. Full House – On A Housetrip
  8. Antra – I Want Ur Love (DJ Buzz Mix)
  9. Arrakis – Aira Force (Main Mix)
  10. Komakino – Man On Mars (Talla 2XLC Remix)
  11. Plastic Angel – Daylight
  12. Das Licht – Traumwelten
  13. Arrow – Back In The House (Kay Tracid Mix)
  14. Third Man – Planet Hunter
  15. Rick Le Roy – Red Moon (Metempsicosi Mix)
  16. The Mystery – Mystery (Above & Beyond Mix)
  17. Ruff Drivers – Waiting for the Sun (remix)
  18. Plastic Angel – Mysterious Mind
  19. The Ape – Confusion
  20. Paragliders – Share of Bitterness
  21. Concentration One – Deliverance
  22. Dj Scot Project – U (V-Mix)
  23. Raul de Chile – Party (de Chile Mix)
  24. Skylab – Timewalker
  25. Dj Yanny & The Paragod – Initialize (Framic Remix)
  26. The Gate – Transfer (Club Mix)
  27. X-Cabs – Neuro
  28. F-Starr – Energy