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(my first) liveset with Psychic & Ubik (HAR FM 2009)

Today I stumbled upon an audio file from HAR FM. This was the radio studio on Hackers At Random, the large hacker-camp in the Netherlands in 2009.

At that time, i just started DJ-ing. At home i had two technics SL D2 turntables, bought for about three (3) euro. These tables are direct drive and have a stable platter. I also started using FinalScratch, which is a digital-vinyl solution.

The first liveset

On HAR2009, both 2600(de) and HARFM had some turntables up and running. This was the first time i could work with real turntables, and well: actually mix things for real! My first attempt was at the 2600 dj booth. They brought great german breakbeat music. Unfortunately i still don’t know the specific genre.

DJ Ubik was about to play that night, but he was stoned and zoned out. So Psychic and me proposed we would do a back to back session. This has been one of the most awesome experiences ever.

Ubik brought his Drum & Bass collection, a selection of very fine niche selection of Drum & Bass. He did the record selection and together we did our extreme best to mix everything together.

Thanks to the HAR FM team for recording the show and the amazing broadcast facilities.


Download the Drum & Bass mix here: *click*.

Stitch Liveshow – Episode 15 – Liquidstep

Start the new year fresh with a selection of the best “liquidstep” (dubstep) from 2011 mixed harmoniously. Even though my gear didn’t really comply to my bidding, I managed to cram 35 songs in 70 minutes. Using digital vinyl mixing, this is a nice speed, especially when you’ve never mixed these tracks before.

The most difficult thing on mixing liquidstep are the overflowing melodies: mixing them in key requires some software tricks. I prefer avoiding trickery, in this case its the most feasible alternative though. The picture on the right shows recorded audio.

Later this year it’s time to change gear. Vinyl mixing has been great. I wanted to learn how DJ’s mixed together their songs back in the days. Using turntables and a mixer teaches you the basics the hard way: no sync button, having to do with the various discs and mastering on them.

I want to start focussing on digital mixing: i expect a boost in creativity and using things such as queue points, syncing and more use of filters and effects. Vinyl mixing still will be important to me, for example when playing early house tracks. To me, digital mixing gives a new dimension.

Enjoy this 70-minutes digital-vinyl-mixed liveshow!


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Filesize: 162.6 MB, 320 kbit.


Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

  1. Blackmill – Oh So Natural Blue
  2. Tronix – Blue Sphere
  3. Nutronic – Run Away (xKore Remix)
  4. Xilent – Choose Me (Dubstep Mix)
  5. Deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire – Ghosts’N’Stuff (Nero Remix)
  6. Kito & Reija Lee – Run For Cover
  7. Subscape – Apple Candy
  8. Camo & Krooked – All Fall Down (ft. Shaz Sparks)
  9. Dev – Dancing In The Dark (Proper Villains Remix)
  10. Loz Conteras – Love Life
  11. DKS – Feel 4 U (AFK remix)
  12. Gemini – Rise & Fall
  13. Crystal Fighters – Follow (Roksonix Remix)
  14. Fenech-Soler – Stop and Stare (Gemini Remix)
  15. Oh Land – Sun Of A Gun (Jacob Plant Remix)
  16. The Beatles – All The Lonely People (Nost3 dub step remix)
  17. Flux Pavilion – Haunt You
  18. Benny Benassi Feat. Gary Go – Cinema (Skrillex Remix)
  19. Caesars – Jerk It Out (Sawgood Remix)
  20. Don Diablo – Animale (Feat. Dragonette) (Datsik Dubstep Remix)
  21. Rihanna – We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris (CTL / Glitchdick Remix)
  22. Nero – Guilt
  23. Dodge & Fuski – Python
  24. Gemini – Vision
  25. Subscape – Square Albert
  26. Playma – We Can Live Forever
  27. Professor Green, High Rankin – Jungle (High Ranking Remix)
  28. DirtyLoud – Rock It Roll It (DirtyLoud Remix)
  29. KillaGraham – Drop It
  30. Chromeo – Night by Night (NEUS Dubstep Remix)
  31. MINDTRANSIT – Nobody But You (feat Syntronics, Strange Rollers Remix)
  32. Katherine E – I’m Alright (Butch Clancy Remix)
  33. Calvin Harris – Flashback (KillaGraham Remix)
  34. Skrillex – Ruffneck (FULL Flex)
  35. Ephixia – Lost Woods Dubstep Remix
  36. Feed Me vs. Knife Party vs. Skrillex – My Ping Reptile Party (Maluu’s Slice’n’Diced Mashup) (Stitch long-name-but-intro-only-chop version)

Dj Dixz VS Stitch – Closing set Dreamhack Winter 2011

We did the closing set at Dreamhack, the drain the last bits of energy. We started with Hardstyle, cross-mixed it with Dubstep and ended with Hardcore. The track playing is Menace II Society – Chronic Counter.

LMD made a short video on the really awesome lights and lasers on stage. The stage crew of Dreamhack rocks! See you next year!

(if video doesn’t show: refresh/reload page)

101010 – Hacker new years party

In the spirit of ‘live your life to the fullest’ i’m writing this page on the last two days of my life.

Friday 08 – 10 – 10

It all started friday, that day i rewrote part of my ftpscanner so it performs automatic network scans. One of the things was to automatically find the subnet mask. Another thing was to include DC++ scans; which requires recursive XML handing. Thank god for SimpleXML. Anyway; after about 12 hours of continuous programming i called it a day and went to sleep; thats where the madness starts.

Saturday 09 – 10 – 10

My planning for saturday looked like this: Get laptop @ aetab, visit the rest of the Retro crew and then move to the 10-10-10 hacker new years party @revspace.

Home, Zutphen, 10 am

Due to the coding rush from friday, i awoke at 10 am. I had to pack my dj-gear for the revspace party and of course stuff to stay over at revspace. At 12 am, i was off! First destination: Arnhem. Then to Leeuwarden, then to The Hague and then, as it appears, back home. So what happened, what did we do that’s worth mentioning? Well, it was Project Retro and Hacker new year party.

Laptop, Arnhem, 12.45 pm

My first stop was Arnhem. My own laptop is at the repair service; i use it to connect to my dj setup which i was bringing for the 101010 party. Because i didn’t pay much attention to the firewire port I ended up borrowing a macbook pro with Firewire 800, instead of the 400 i needed. I should have asked for it 🙂 These things happen.

I’ll just have to improvise and have hopes on finding a firewire 400 machine. That proved to be quite a challange. But first things first; its 13:00 hours and time to go to Leeuwarden.

Retro, Leeuwarden, 15.00

now thats a tasty burger

Now thats a tasty burger

We’re preparing our actions for next years CCC in Finowfurt near Berlin. In this we’re supported by the HXX Foundation, we’re determined to deliver the best Retro Gaming Area ever. One of our plans is to double or tripple the size of everything we did before. In order to get there, we’ve to arrange a few things. One of these is to increase the stash of retro consoles. We plan to have these consoles publicly (aka free with an asterix) available to events such as lanparties, hacker conferences and the like. They also will be available at public places such as hackerspaces, makerspaces and such accross the country.

Our first actions have been set and more information will follow when its ready. Yes, DNF style. One of the things you can expect is a lookback on what we provided in the past years, including pictures, reviews and such. The meeting ended with some delicous homemade hamburgers. And when a hamburger is good, I do make pictures of those things. After eating 3 I was stuffed and ready to move on. Thank Syb and Jacko. I left at 7 pm. Next up: The Hague.

101010 Hacker New Year Party, 21.15

Revspace front door

The party already started. It was nice to see all the familar faces again. Guys and girls from all over Holland joined to celebrate the Hackers new year. (explained for NORPS: 101010 is binary for 42; which is the answer to the ultimate question in life.) And there I was, with my dj stuff and harddrive.

Setting up the equipment was easy, but still difficult. Psychic already had setup running; laptop, stuff for volume (mids + eq + compressor), headphones, cables and two scratchpads. I brought additional stuff: turntables, a dj mixer, monitors, amp, cambles and headphones.

professional HD enclosure

professional HD enclosure

Before i could start mixing, there was one vital thing to be arranged; a macbook with firewire 400. There was only one macbook with those specs, and I was not allowed to insert my own harddrive in it; it would void the warranty. So we had to come up with another solution. What about an external USB drive? Would it work?

Well, lets find one. Will-Do let me borrow her laptop and her USB enclosure. Maybe we could mount the disk and run software from it. So we unscrewed it and it, well… sort of. One screw went dull thus there was no other solution then using a drill and drill it out. When we (Brainsmoke, Aequitas) got it open, it appeared to be a PATA enclosure. My disc is SATA 🙂 Attempt 3;

Zarya took up the task to find something else. After much digging and searching through revspace, he came up with a potentially dangerious setup; a 3.5″ sata enclosure with separate power supply. Because of my history with SATA enclosures and wrong power supplies (*poof, disk dead*) we’d had to look for something else.

Got Drill?

And what would that be? Well of course! A bunch of wires! Foobar had something brand-new; so it had to work. It did. We placed the wires into a professional HD enclosure and hooked it up to the mac. Using the Boot settings we could even boot from the USB disk. We did. The system showed up working exactly as my mac used to. Running the machine from USB wasn’t neccisarily slower than my own macbook. Even running DJ software, iTunes and copying files went okey without any noticable performance drawbacks! Thats just freaking awesome! Hackers!

Sunday 101010

GMC had the Mic and we all counted down to 101010. Liftoff blasted through the speakers and Psychic started with So Long, and thanks for all the fish. Then the obligatory Rickroll and we (Zarya, Psychic and me) mixed together Happy hardcore, GOA, the Prodigy and closed with minimal techno. Good shit.

The picture below shows the dj booth; well, it doesn’t really show anything. You might distinguish 4 speakers, 2 laptops, 4 turntables, 1 dj mixer, 100 meter of cables, some lights, a space-invader floor and six giant velociraptors lurking in the background.

Most people left between 2 am to 2.30 am. That left some room open for filthy noise, 4chan music and incorrect jingles. But we also had to stop as it turned out sleeping in the space was not possible. After packing all stuff I left about 3 am. The trip home would take up another two hours and at 5am I was in bed.

Here are some extra pictures from the revspace at the end of the night. Did you know they run (and are huge fans of) Windows 95? Thank god for that Microsoft Gold Partnership.


101010 has been totally fantastic and i can’t wait for 010111 (23), 100111 (39), 110111(55), 011011(27), 101011(43), 111011(59), 011111(31), 101111(47) and 111111(63). Thanks revspace for throwing this great party!

Happy 42 everybody!

Omnomnom cakes

Omnomnom cakes


Stitch Liveshow – Episode 13 – Fidget Electro

The Stitch Liveshow is a recorded liveset mixed by Stitch. Previous livesets and updates are available via Twitter. Follow me and i’ll follow you back. No spam, just mixes.

A new dj mixer and an improved setup with pirate noise speckles. Its the stitch liveshow with a fine selection of Fidget Electro House.

The longest set i’ve ever done. 2:39:29. It took its toll; after more than an hour of WIN i got a little fatigued and started making facepalm errors. So 40 minutes before closing I noticed and opened a can of energy drink; which had instant impact improving mixing 🙂

I’ve chopped the set into different parts; easy, chaotic, easy, hardest. Hope you enjoy the tunes and the mixing. Feedback is always appreciated.

Total playing time: 2:39:29


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Filesize: 365.1 MB, 320 kbit.


  1. Link to the past – Intro theme
  2. Steve Smooth and JJ Flores – Sex Fiend (Hatiras Remix)
  3. Gregori Klosman, Danny Wild – Kixxx (Tristan Garner Lost In Rave Remix)
  4. Calvertron & Tim Healey – Back 2 The Ghetto (Original Mix)
  5. Jayson Miro & D’Arezzo feat. D. MC – Chop Till You Drop (Original Mix)
  6. Lock N Load – Blow Ya Mind 2010 (Swanky Tunes Mix)
  7. Crookers and Roisin Murphy – Royal T (Foamo Remix)
  8. Funk D & La Fuente – Irish (Club Edit Edit)
  9. X-Press 2 – London Xpress (Tim Healey Vs Marc Adamo Remix)
  10. Dirty Super Car – Get A Grip (Maximilian Remix)
  11. Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On (Player & Remady Mix)
  12. Deadmau5 vs Jelo – The Reward Is Cheese (Johnny Krazy Rework)
  13. Asino and Arma – Land Of Confusion (Rework)
  14. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)
  15. Fatboy Slim feat. Lazy Rich – Weapon Of Choice 2010 (Lazy Rich Remix)
  16. Pluggd – Thrust (Original Mix)
  17. Herve & Dj Sneak feat. Kid Infinity – Droppin Kisses (Herve Club Mix)
  18. Jak-Z  – Get Ya Ass Up (Kelevra Remix)
  19. DJ Kez – Fuck’n’Disco ’09 (Kez’s Fidget Unrollin’ Mix)
  20. DJ Yanny pres. Terraformer – Won`t Forget These Days 2K10 (Disco Freak Up Down Remix)
  21. Pimp Rockers – Keep On Rockin (Starkillers & Austin Leeds Remix)
  22. Pascal & Pearce – Disko Biskit (Original Mix)
  23. DJ Alex Kidd – Feel This Free
  24. Butterbox – I Am Your DJ (Original Mix)
  25. Kieran Brindley & Kalva – Ribeye (Original Mix)
  26. Hirshee – California (Soundpusher Remix)
  27. Electric Soulside – Moulin Rouge (Lazy Rich Mix)
  28. Lorenzo Anzzur – Shift (Original Mix)
  29. Cyberpunkers – Is Alternative (Uppermost Remix)
  30. Calvertron – Doo Doo (Jelo Mix)
  31. Gimbal & Sinan – Halogen (Original Mix)
  32. Monolythe – Siberia (Jelo Remix)
  33. Cold Blank – Raver Booty (Original Mix)
  34. ZXX and Paul Anthony – Follow This Beat (Original Mix)
  35. JELO & Adam K – The Good, The Bad & The Funky (Original Mix)
  36. Defunct! – Welcome Back (Will Bailey & Mikey Hook Remix)
  37. Gigi Barocco – Rowdy Jack (The Deficient Remix)
  38. Hirshee – The Rinse Out (Keemerah Remix)
  39. Kevin Stephens, trickwaters – Fire Emblem Etude for Piano in F# Minor

Stitch Liveshow – Episode 12 – Real House

The Stitch Liveshow is a weekly broadcast playing different musical genres each time. It’s not live, not a show, not weekly, not broadcasted and Stitch is fictional. Follow the Stitch Liveshow on Twitter.

I pulled this one out of the archives because it has really really great tracks. This mix is great for a lazy summers day. Enjoy this real house set, this is the good stuff. Set was recorded and created with Acid Pro on October 14th 2008. Where’s the BBQ at?

Total playing time: 1:01:31


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Filesize: 140.8 MB, 320 kbit.


  1. Mister Monday – Future (carl craig mix) (1995)
  2. Fear by Force – Danceing in outer space (????)
  3. Logic – The Final Frontier (1990)
  4. DSK – What we do (1991)
  5. Mother – All Funked up (1993)
  6. Black Science Orchestra – Philadelphia (1994)
  7. Djum Djum – Difference (1990)
  8. Fire Island ft Mark Antoni – If you should need a friend (1995)
  9. BT – Embracing the Future (1993)
  10. Frankie Knuckles – The Whistle Song (1991)
  11. Chocolate City – Love Songs (1995)
  12. Souffles H – Mondo Grosso (King Street Club Mix) (1995)

Stitch Liveshow – Episode 10 – Minimal

The Stitch Liveshow is a weekly broadcast playing a different musical genre every time. It’s not live, not a show, not weekly, not broadcasted and Stitch is fictional. Follow the Stitch Liveshow on Twitter.

Ever drove that same car at 2 am in the morning while the radio was playing? Did it sound repetitive and generally uninspiring? Then you where listening to minimal; the worst kind of minimal. I’ve had several near-accidents due to those shows, so no wonder minimal wasn’t my best friend.

Luckily, after minimal track selection, a minimal number of tracks containing good minimal and minimal-trance like tunes was selected. Mixing was good, some epic transitions here and there.

Total playing time: 56.25


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Filesize: 129,3 MB, 320 kbit.


  1. J-Soul – Quadbit (Original Mix)
  2. Lagora – Init
  3. Maetrik – Paradigm House (Mike Shannon Remix)
  4. Limouzina – Back to Heaven (Guy Mantzur Floating Mix)
  5. Dyno – Interferenza
  6. AD Set – Shrill Voice
  7. Daniele Petronelli – Hablando (Vandalism Remix)
  8. Edit-Select – Deposer
  9. Dersonna – Is It In (Original Mix)
  10. Jax Zero – Plink Plonk
  11. King Richard – Karma

Stitch – Neige Mix 1 (2003 Archives)

My first dance mix. Made back in 2003 with cut-and-paste audio editing software, a few Klubbheads Desire CD’s and a simple headphone. I remember creating this in one weekend, in 35 hours, with a classic version of iTunes/Amadeus Pro on my iMac DV 400mhz. Those where the days, it got the job done.

When “releasing” this track, I got massive positive response from friends to people I didn’t know. One guy used to play this every day on his way to work 😀 ha, thats’s awesome. So without further a due: clicky!



  1. Golava – Mellow Drums
  2. Dj Tiesto – Flight 643
  3. Mauro Picotto – Verde
  4. Marco V – Indicator
  5. Profools – Upgrade 1.1
  6. JAK – Tehrap
  7. DJ Gollum & DJ Yanni – Shithead
  8. Resonance – SDM
  9. Builder – Skyscraper (DJ Luca Antolini Mix)
  10. DJ Luna – Union One
  11. Hardheadz – In Yer Phaze
  12. DJ Isaac – Nobody Listens to Techno
  13. Bass Boy – Let the bass be louder
  14. ID & T Preview Jingle “Fuck It All” from that jingle company…

Stitch Liveshow – Episode 8 – Italo Disco

The Stitch Liveshow is a ‘weekly’ show playing a different musical genre each week. Follow the Stitch Liveshow on Twitter.

For those of you who don’t know: these songs stem from 1983 to 1988 and was one of the larger sounds in discos in western europe and the US.

From “The Best Of Italo Disco” I selected some melodious tunes and mixed them together. During selection all songs started to sound the same, so i tried the <120 bpm section since it has more variety. Those radio/short edits also don’t work 😉 I’ll try some new mixing styles in the next weeks.

As a true compilation series, I was missing a few insanely great tunes. A lot of them are on this “the best of” though… still looking for a remix of Paul Sharada – Florida (move your feet). On discogs the original records do very well; about 15 euro a piece and about 50 people are looking for them.

Some friends told me the Italo scene is still lively, with new cd’s being released until this day. Since i’m missing a lot of classics, i guess another Italo mix is in the pipeline.

Personal favorite: among many Joe – Yellow Wild Boy, Scotch – Pictures and Miko Mission – How Old A You.

Total playing time: 1:40:51


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Filesize: 231,3 MB, 320 kbit.


  1. Funny Twins – You And Me
  2. Joe Yellow – Love At First
  3. Brian Ice – Talking To The Night
  4. Scotch – Pictures
  5. Eddy Huntington – USSR
  6. Miko Mission – How Old A You
  7. Brian Martin – Sex Tonight
  8. Dance Argentina – Let’s All
  9. Valerie Dore – The Night
  10. Silver Pozzoli – Around My Dream
  11. Mike Rogers – Just A Story
  12. Scotch – Disco Band
  13. Solid Strangers – My Delight
  14. Digital Game – Please Don’t Go
  15. Spagna – Call Me
  16. Joe Yellow – I’m Your Lover
  17. G J Lunghi – Acapulco Nights
  18. Hivon – To Be Together
  19. Albert One – For You Love
  20. Albert One – Secrets
  21. Hot Cold – I Can Hear Your Voice
  22. P4F – Medley
  23. Silver Rozzoli – Pretty Baby
  24. Duke Lake – Dance Tonight
  25. Den Harrow – Don’t Break My Heart
  26. Hipnosis – Droid
  27. Koto – Jabdah
  28. Mr Ziwago – Little Russian
  29. Paul Sharada – Florida
  30. Grant Miller – Doctor For My Hearth
  31. P4F – Diamond
  32. Roger Meno – I Find The Way
  33. Rudy & Co – Mama Radio
  34. Patty Ryan – My Love, My Life
  35. Alan Barry – Come On
  36. Chester – Hold The Line
  37. Cyber People – Polaris
  38. Del Faro – Bandiera La Playa Del Sol
  39. Mr Me – I-Go-Down
  40. Ken – Laszlo Madame
  41. Koto – Visitors
  42. Joe – Yellow Wild Boy
  43. Scotch – Penguin’s Invasion

Stitch Liveshow – Episode 7 – Trance (rave mission)

The Stitch Liveshow is a ‘weekly’ show playing a different musical genre each week. Follow the Stitch Liveshow on Twitter.

Today I selected the best trance tunes from Rave Mission; an overrated German dance compilation. Out of all tracks only 10% was useable, the rest was too simple, out-of-bound or just plain shitty. The same label of Rave Mission also creates “Trance Meister”; a name that makes me giggle. But I’ve gotta be fair; there are some really good songs here and for the time (1994-2001) it probably was alright.

It would have helped eating lesser candy before the set; during the first half hour I was too eager to start new tracks. If Daim would by any more delicious, it would probably be the new popular cause of death. The picture/album art (above) shows the result of 30 minutes of contact between a human and Daim. Death by Daim anyone?

On the upside; I figured out that trance is fun to play and even can put the dj in a trance. Great stuff. Just what the world needs; another trance dj :p

Personal favorite: Ruff Drivers – Waiting for the Sun (remix)

Total playing time: 1:53:20


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  • uber fast Download: right click, save as. (sponsored by:
  • regular fast Mirror: right click, save as.

Filesize: 272,3 MB, 320 kbit.


  1. Airscape – Cruising (Exposure Mix)
  2. Soulslider – Give Me All You Got
  3. Love and Fate – Love and Fate (Part 2)
  4. Orinoko – Mama Konda (Original Mix)
  5. Frank Brook – Queens
  6. U.K.W. – Electric Love (Seikos Remix)
  7. Full House – On A Housetrip
  8. Antra – I Want Ur Love (DJ Buzz Mix)
  9. Arrakis – Aira Force (Main Mix)
  10. Komakino – Man On Mars (Talla 2XLC Remix)
  11. Plastic Angel – Daylight
  12. Das Licht – Traumwelten
  13. Arrow – Back In The House (Kay Tracid Mix)
  14. Third Man – Planet Hunter
  15. Rick Le Roy – Red Moon (Metempsicosi Mix)
  16. The Mystery – Mystery (Above & Beyond Mix)
  17. Ruff Drivers – Waiting for the Sun (remix)
  18. Plastic Angel – Mysterious Mind
  19. The Ape – Confusion
  20. Paragliders – Share of Bitterness
  21. Concentration One – Deliverance
  22. Dj Scot Project – U (V-Mix)
  23. Raul de Chile – Party (de Chile Mix)
  24. Skylab – Timewalker
  25. Dj Yanny & The Paragod – Initialize (Framic Remix)
  26. The Gate – Transfer (Club Mix)
  27. X-Cabs – Neuro
  28. F-Starr – Energy