Stitch Liveshow – Episode 8 – Italo Disco

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For those of you who don’t know: these songs stem from 1983 to 1988 and was one of the larger sounds in discos in western europe and the US.

From “The Best Of Italo Disco” I selected some melodious tunes and mixed them together. During selection all songs started to sound the same, so i tried the <120 bpm section since it has more variety. Those radio/short edits also don’t work ūüėČ I’ll try some new mixing styles in the next weeks.

As a true compilation series, I was missing a few insanely great tunes. A lot of them are on this “the best of” though… still looking for a remix of Paul Sharada – Florida (move your feet). On discogs the original records do very well; about 15 euro a piece and about 50 people are looking for them.

Some friends told me the Italo scene is still lively, with new cd’s being released until this day. Since i’m missing a lot of classics, i guess another Italo mix is in the pipeline.

Personal favorite: among many Joe –¬†Yellow Wild Boy, Scotch –¬†Pictures and Miko Mission –¬†How Old A You.

Total playing time: 1:40:51


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  1. Funny Twins –¬†You And Me
  2. Joe Yellow –¬†Love At First
  3. Brian Ice –¬†Talking To The Night
  4. Scotch –¬†Pictures
  5. Eddy Huntington –¬†USSR
  6. Miko Mission –¬†How Old A You
  7. Brian Martin –¬†Sex Tonight
  8. Dance Argentina –¬†Let’s All
  9. Valerie Dore –¬†The Night
  10. Silver Pozzoli –¬†Around My Dream
  11. Mike Rogers –¬†Just A Story
  12. Scotch –¬†Disco Band
  13. Solid Strangers –¬†My Delight
  14. Digital Game –¬†Please Don’t Go
  15. Spagna –¬†Call Me
  16. Joe Yellow –¬†I’m Your Lover
  17. G J Lunghi –¬†Acapulco Nights
  18. Hivon –¬†To Be Together
  19. Albert One –¬†For You Love
  20. Albert One –¬†Secrets
  21. Hot Cold –¬†I Can Hear Your Voice
  22. P4F –¬†Medley
  23. Silver Rozzoli –¬†Pretty Baby
  24. Duke Lake –¬†Dance Tonight
  25. Den Harrow –¬†Don’t Break My Heart
  26. Hipnosis –¬†Droid
  27. Koto –¬†Jabdah
  28. Mr Ziwago –¬†Little Russian
  29. Paul Sharada –¬†Florida
  30. Grant Miller –¬†Doctor For My Hearth
  31. P4F –¬†Diamond
  32. Roger Meno –¬†I Find The Way
  33. Rudy & Co –¬†Mama Radio
  34. Patty Ryan –¬†My Love, My Life
  35. Alan Barry –¬†Come On
  36. Chester –¬†Hold The Line
  37. Cyber People –¬†Polaris
  38. Del Faro –¬†Bandiera La Playa Del Sol
  39. Mr Me –¬†I-Go-Down
  40. Ken –¬†Laszlo Madame
  41. Koto –¬†Visitors
  42. Joe –¬†Yellow Wild Boy
  43. Scotch –¬†Penguin’s Invasion

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