What you get for €2,55

Just visited the local “second hand store” and found some nice stuff: a few house CD singles and a Brada laptop stand.

Aly us – Follow me

Time defining house classic. Slow and smoothly moving to a place where we can all be free. Includes an instrumental, a dub version but of course the original track with an extended edit.

Ruffneck ft. Yavahn – Everybody be Somebody

This cd features 9 mixes (73 minutes) of this house track that’s been produced by Dwayne “Spen” Richardson, Derek A. Jenkings & Steven B. Wilson for Backroom Productions & Groundlevel Entertainment. Samples where taken of the AWESOME Yello – Bostich. Most of the action is on track 8: the full 8 minutes of the tune. The names of the masters at work also appear on this CD but most importantly: the live triangle has been performed by Starvin’ T.

SL2 – On a Ragga tip

Speeds up the sound with breakbeats from London. From XL recordings came this track by Slipmat and Lime (SL2). It’s fast, has the classic rasta influence and is a golden oldie. The CD features four tracks including the five minutes original mix and two other breakbeat tracks using pretty much the same breakbeat. Track 3 is pretty OK, but still a b-side. Extended version it is.

Lidell Townsell – Nu Nu

Piano house classic that can withstand the test of time for the larger part. “She looked so fine, i just had to speak”. Parodied by the 704 boys and the same organ was used by Crystal waters. Including an acapella/dub version for mashing and mixing. Also check out the So Fine Mix The password is play.

Quasar –  Last Train to Paradise

Something from the Turn up the Bass era. The last train to paradise. Bought this one to hear if there where some great remixes that would have less piano and more funk. There is some more acid, an acapella and some percussion. The fun starts at track 4: the 303 edit.

Unfortunately an empty sleeve of 400 hz – i’ve got the music in me 🙁


KK Travels – Pippi Langhouse

One of the all time maximum facepalm house classics for kids. It’s based on the Swedish child series Pippi Langkous (Pippi Långstrump). There was a version dubbed in Dutch. That one was sampled, sequenced, mashed and filtered into a house production that is nearly bearable to listen to. The B sides of this record really raises some eyebrows 🙂 And that’s why this is great.


Next to the cd’s i found a brada laptop lap stand to place your laptop on your lap. In real life it would look something like this (if i where tanned and wearing white clothes):

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