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Par 2 for mac

Yesterday, during a BBQ, me and a friend developed Par2ForMac; a simple and effictive par 2 repair application for intel based macs. Par2 files are accompanied with usenet downloads to repair broken files. Thus-far there was no simple GUI application for macosx that could handle par2 files.


The state of technology today is awesome; this application and the website have been built in record time; within 2 hours everything was ready.

Par2ForMac is the best par2 gui available on mac; this should make you sad. I’ve never seen any well designed application that can do par2 repairs. Please correct me if i’m wrong.

(edit: macpardeluxe doesnt suck completely: it can do par2 repairs and auto extraction. Yet it doesn’t come close to windows implementations like autounpack of R’n’E from newsleecher. Primarily due to the fact it looks outdated.)


Checkout the Par2ForMac website and application: