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OMGWTFBBQ Naar House flyer

Superbatsie came across an oldschool Dutch flyer regarding a semi-christian organization called “Naar House”. It associates House music with satan and warns of the unrepairable damage house music can inflict on your soul.

The flyer i got was photograph, so i decided to remake it to a high-res print-ready version. What shame when such a valuable document could not be reprinted (and burned) anymore.

Above: the original. Above: the reconstruction [small] [medium] [huge]

Download the A4 sized, 300dpi version here: [huge] [medium] [small]

Enjoy! 🙂

Did you know there are tons of Christian metal groups? Yes there are, and not even half bad.

Update: welcome to 2012: NOOOOOOOOOO the ‘Naar House’ foundation still exists. It is now targeting all popular music. In their seemingly-happy-colorful-educational material, link, you can read that pop music annihilates all you hold dear. It’s stuff nobody cares about. Let it stay that way. ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.