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Stitch Liveshow – Episode 5 – Hip House

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Git-git-git git-busy. Haha most of you “youngsters” might never heard before, but Hip House was a combination between house and hiphop. It topped the charts between 1988 and 1991 with various hits made by Tyree Cooper and Fast Eddy.

For this mix i selected some rare/great hip house tracks from between 1989 and 1991, which even I never heard before. As you know, my livemixes are not practiced before, so i was amazed at how great some tunes are.

Once it starts rolling its unstoppable. Just give it a try, you won’t be disappointed; it’s groovy as hell. I’m still in a rush! 🙂

Also my new Ms Pinky vinyls shipped in, and they mix more solid than finalscratch2. Check out the picture for a “splatter matter” disc; a work of art.

Total playing time: 1:01:31


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Filesize: 147.9 MB, 320 kbit.


  1. The Renegades – It’s Gotta B Funky (It’s A Rap Thing Mixx) [Underground Records UN 144]
  2. Freestyle Orchestra feat. Dany – Keep On Pumpin It Up (radio mix) [SBK Records V-19718]
  3. J.M.Silk – All In Vain (london mix) [Jack Trax Records JTX 16]
  4. D Mob feat. LRS – It Is Time To Get Funky (casualty mix) [FFrr Records 886 627-1]
  5. Liz Torres – If U Keep It Up (If You Drum It Up Mix) [Jive Records 1354-JD-1]
  6. Maximum Strength – Rock This Party(Hardcore Mix) [IHR IHR-008]
  7. 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor & Da Smooth Baron MC – 4th Floor Theme [ZYX Records ZYX 6455]
  8. Mixmasters feat. MC Action – In The Mix (fast eddie mix) [DJ International Records DJ 900]
  9. Bomb – Can-U-Dig-It! (anything goes by bad boy bill) [Street Life Records SL 707]
  10. Fast Eddie – Hip House 89 ”Remix” (julian ”jumpin” perez mix) [Dj International Records DJ 982]
  11. Powerful Juvenile – It’s Like That (Bad Boy Bill Mix) [Sinister Records SR102 B]
  12. Kool Rock Steady – You Ain’t Nobody (Instrumental Mix) [DJ International Records DJ 992]
  13. Diamond D – Shake Le’ Bootee’ (The Clubhouse Version) [Crystalball Records CR-2162]
  14. Julian ”Jumpin” Perez – Let’s Work (radio) [Dj International Records DJ 995]
  15. Mr. Lee – Get Busy (chicago mix) [Jive Records 1274-1-JD]
  16. The Renegades – Tag (M.D.’s Vocal House Mix) [Underground Records UN 148]
  17. Mr Lee – House This House (Vocal) [Trax Records]
  18. M.C. Krash – Addicted To Bass(smoove Mix) [1989 Real House Records]
  19. Culture Beat – I Like You (smokin mix) [Epic Records 49 79600]
  20. The Bass Boys – Lost In The Bass (Bad Boy Bill ’89’ Mix) [Hot Jam Records H-J-101]
  21. Double Trouble & The Rebel MC – Just Keep Rockin’ (hip house remix) [Desire Records 889971-1]
  22. Bass Boyz – Music Takes You Away (Joey’s Jam Mix) [Hot Jam Records HJR-102]
  23. M. Doc – It’s Percussion (house Mix) [Jack Trax Records 12 JTX 13]
  24. Record Review – Hi Tek 3 – Come On And Dance [Records Review RR 8]
  25. — BONUS BEATS BONUS GALORE, its short, its fast, its good practice:
  26. Unknown DJ – Bonus Beats [Techno Kut Records TK 1207]
  27. The Bass Boys – Lost In The Bass (bonus beats) [Hot Jam Records H-J-101]
  28. Subject 13 – The Promise (Bonus Beats) [Vinyl Solution STORM 29]
  29. DSK – Kiss Me All Over (Bonus Beats) [Jackpot Records HAL 12184]
  30. Fargetta – The Music Is Movin’ (Bonus Beat) [Marton & Media Records MM 002]
  31. Trash Funk – Drum Down The House (Bonus Back Beats) [Chrysalis Records 4V9 43257]

Stitch – NLC Summer Mix 3

This is something I mixed in 2003, my third mix ever. See below for the story and playlist. Enjoy.


In 2003 I started practicing with digital mixing. Since I didn’t know that there where specific apps like Acid and Logic I used Amadeus II to do the work. This app is similar to Cooledit/Audacity. It is only possible to perform destructive audio editing; thus manipulating sound directly. Pitching songs to the right tempo was a pain; I developed a formula to perform quicker beat-matching but still it would take some time to get it right. Transitions where build by copy-paste tracks over each other, sometimes with some fade-ins and fade-outs. Although mixing is possible, it is not possible to go back and change parts of the mix. With an undo space of 30 edits the rule was simple; once pasted, cannot change it.

It might sound outdated; the computer used for mixing was an iMac DV 400 mhz, with a 13 gigabyte harddrive. The tracks where taken from my CD collection, specifically from the Turn up the Bass cd’s. To speed up working the audio was in aiff, but the resulting mp3 was of low quality. As you might notice, all tracks have a nice party atmosphere; but it’s a poorly built set. That being said; its a fairly decent mix and if you’re a fan of hiphouse and the sounds from the good old days you’ll probably appreciate it.

Since editing and mixing took so long, the mix was never finished.


  1. Twin Hype – Do It To The Crowd
  2. D-Shake – Yaaah
  3. Queen Latifah – Come Into My House (Zanzibar Mix)
  4. 2 Static – Boy I’ll House Ya
  5. Mister Mixi & Skinny Scotty – I Can Handle It
  6. Icy D. & Doc Daze – Get On Up And Dance
  7. Kraze – Let’s Play House
  8. Fax Yourself – Walking on sunshine ’89
  9. Steve “Silk” Hurley – Work It Out
  10. Nikki – Mucho Macho
  11. Tony Scott – Get Into It

Length: 9:21

Finished on:  May 1st 2003

Thanks to Discogs for the covers in the video.

In 2003 I started practicing with digital mixing. In those days i didn’t knew about software like Acid and Logic. This was the third mix I made, and was mixed using Amadeus II; a destructive audio editing app for manipulating sound directly. The songs where pitched manually by a formula for manually pitching up/down songs, fitting them to the 4-bar speed of the target mix. I created my own formula for doing this, but still it would take some time to get it right. The tracks are copy-pasted over eachother, with a limited undo space of 30 edits; once pasted, you cannot change it.
The computer used for mixing was an iMac DV 400 mhz, with a 13 gigabyte harddrive. The tracks where taken from the Turn up the Bass series. There is not much set-building and most of it is mixed using copy-paste transitions. If you’re a fan of hiphouse and the sounds from the good old days you’ll probably can appreciate this mix.
Before you start to wonder; the mix was never finished due to the time it took to mix things together.
Length: 9:21
Finished on:  May 1st 2003