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Stitch Liveshow – Episode 7 – Trance (rave mission)

The Stitch Liveshow is a ‘weekly’ show playing a different musical genre each week. Follow the Stitch Liveshow on Twitter.

Today I selected the best trance tunes from Rave Mission; an overrated German dance compilation. Out of all tracks only 10% was useable, the rest was too simple, out-of-bound or just plain shitty. The same label of Rave Mission also creates “Trance Meister”; a name that makes me giggle. But I’ve gotta be fair; there are some really good songs here and for the time (1994-2001) it probably was alright.

It would have helped eating lesser candy before the set; during the first half hour I was too eager to start new tracks. If Daim would by any more delicious, it would probably be the new popular cause of death. The picture/album art (above) shows the result of 30 minutes of contact between a human and Daim. Death by Daim anyone?

On the upside; I figured out that trance is fun to play and even can put the dj in a trance. Great stuff. Just what the world needs; another trance dj :p

Personal favorite: Ruff Drivers – Waiting for the Sun (remix)

Total playing time: 1:53:20


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Filesize: 272,3 MB, 320 kbit.


  1. Airscape – Cruising (Exposure Mix)
  2. Soulslider – Give Me All You Got
  3. Love and Fate – Love and Fate (Part 2)
  4. Orinoko – Mama Konda (Original Mix)
  5. Frank Brook – Queens
  6. U.K.W. – Electric Love (Seikos Remix)
  7. Full House – On A Housetrip
  8. Antra – I Want Ur Love (DJ Buzz Mix)
  9. Arrakis – Aira Force (Main Mix)
  10. Komakino – Man On Mars (Talla 2XLC Remix)
  11. Plastic Angel – Daylight
  12. Das Licht – Traumwelten
  13. Arrow – Back In The House (Kay Tracid Mix)
  14. Third Man – Planet Hunter
  15. Rick Le Roy – Red Moon (Metempsicosi Mix)
  16. The Mystery – Mystery (Above & Beyond Mix)
  17. Ruff Drivers – Waiting for the Sun (remix)
  18. Plastic Angel – Mysterious Mind
  19. The Ape – Confusion
  20. Paragliders – Share of Bitterness
  21. Concentration One – Deliverance
  22. Dj Scot Project – U (V-Mix)
  23. Raul de Chile – Party (de Chile Mix)
  24. Skylab – Timewalker
  25. Dj Yanny & The Paragod – Initialize (Framic Remix)
  26. The Gate – Transfer (Club Mix)
  27. X-Cabs – Neuro
  28. F-Starr – Energy