Stitch Liveshow – Episode 11 – Hardstyle

The Stitch Liveshow is a weekly broadcast playing different musical genres each time. It’s not live, not a show, not weekly, not broadcasted and Stitch is fictional. Follow the Stitch Liveshow on Twitter.

HARDSTYLE: a blend happy of melodies and beats at 150 bpm, with 56 seconds of intro, 8 bars filled with anticipation and instant party time. Every song features the same keyboard, effects but different kicks. Its a contest to squeeze as much bass and sound into a song. Selecting a variety of tracks is possible, even though the majority follows the same format and style.

Early hardstyle sucked beyond belief. Tracks tend to build up until, at the moment of climaxing, a break kicks in. And here is what happened to me: I started to prepare to dance again, shouting… but instead of the whole room going batshit insane everybody stood there watching as I went totally mad. AWKWARD! This not only happened to me, thats why the format changed probably.

Todays hardstyle is reliable. No more anti-climaxes, so you can actually dance to it and lose your mind. Because the majority of the tracks follow the same format, its actually easy to decide if you like it. Do you like one track? Then you’ll like em all. Still it was hard to select the right tunes: I don’t want my set to become boring, and I do want to have some sort of progression in my mix. That happened. Enjoy your hardstyle.

Total playing time: 2:35:23 (> two and a half hour, ^^ mixing and recording seemed like 5 minutes)


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Filesize: 372,9 MB, 320 kbit.


  1. Alphaverb – The Otherside (Original Mix)
  2. Ivan Carsten – You Try To Play Me
  3. Razor DJ – Feeling Inside (Original)
  4. Abyss and Judge – Hardstyle Revolution (Showtek rmx)
  5. Activator – Figalicious
  6. Geck-O – Give Me Some Heat
  7. Noisecontrollers – Surge Of Power
  8. B-Front & Frontliner – Magic
  9. Max Enforcer Feat. The Rush – Fade TO Black (Official Black 2010 Anthem)
  10. Frontliner – Sunblast
  11. Showtek ft MC DV8 – Electronic Stereo-Phonic
  12. Activator – Move Your Feet
  13. Zatox – Drop The Track
  14. Bass Modulators – Nrgizer
  15. Degos & Re-Done – Salsa
  16. Max B. Grand & Djanny – Arancia Meccanica
  17. Carniflex Ft. Tim – Forever Hard
  18. Beat Providers – Abandoned
  19. The Beholder & Max Enforcer – Be Amazed (Hard Bass 2009 Anthem)
  20. B-Front & Frontliner – Become The Sky
  21. Digital Punk & MC Jeff – Keep It Bouncing
  22. Ruhann – Don’t Be Afraid
  23. Geck-O – Instant Fame
  24. Hardstyle Masterz vs Max Enforcer – Rambo Is A Pussy
  25. DJ Thera – The Test 2.0 (Crypsis Remix)
  26. Technoboy meets Ruffian – The Undersound
  27. Miss Tess-X – X-Love (Original Mix)
  28. Frontliner & B-Front – Godz Powerrr!
  29. Grandmaster Q – Dwarf
  30. Josh & Wesz – Lipservice Radio
  31. Gostosa – Sutra
  32. Noizecontrollers And Toneshifterz – Empire Of The Sun
  33. Dozer – Robin’s Revenge
  34. Vyolet – Magic
  35. Robin Clark – Wiseman
  36. Joshua Hiroshy – Endovene (Stitch Totally Fucked Up Mix)

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