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Music of the now #1

Hey ppl, 

There are some new articles that i still haven’t finished yet. To keep you entertained, ill now post about 10 songs every few weeks with what i’m listening to. My musical preference is very broad, yet also very limited. 

So lets top it of with this month’s number 10:


Music of the now 1 Hamunaptra – Destroyer of Worlds (industrial, hardcore) 

Absolutely magnificent track, with more wideness than ever heard before. The sound literally swallows you whole. Comes from Enzyme release 23: Hamunaptra – Rise. There are other good tracks on the album, for example ‘Road to Salvation’; which is just plain hardcore noise which is fun now and then.

Released: 12-10-2006. Details at Cardiac.nl

Smash Mouth – Walkin’ on the Sun (pop, rock, happy) 

Instant feelgood happyness. Came with the YTMND collection, a collection of virtual compilations with music from the ever-useless website YTMND. Calms me down and makes me feel relaxed. 

Released: 1997. Smash mouth’s website, showing a lie we all know. YTMND

Cherrish – Happy Friday (Happy Hardcore, Oldschool) 

Super happy melodic track. With breakbeats and a high pitched voice. Still don’t know where the voice is from but that doesn’t really matter. Came with Happy Hardcore #3; which i need for my happy hardcore collection. Song was exclusively put on Happy Hardcore #3 as a filler track probably. Its still pretty good and i keep liking it.

Released 1995. Youtube Cherrish on Discogs

T.O.T.T. – Get up (happy hardcore, oldschool) 

This is the most energetic track on Happy Hardcore #3. Get up!, Get it on now, Try it again, Try it again, hold it up. Happyness, its just now or never!!!!! HAha, makes me happy everytime!

Released: 1995 Youtube Discogs


?????? Aliance – Soulshine (Drum & Bass) 

This is one of my favourite Drum & Bass tracks ever made. It’s inspirational, a bit weird in the beginning but just beautiful. Its hard to find any info on this track, so perhaps im wrong. Just listen to the youtube and be amazed.

Released: 2008 youtube

Calibre – V Neck (Drum & Bass) 

A beautiful relaxed drum & bass track (if the id3’s are right). Also one of my absolute favorites. No youtube this time. I’ll put this song up in my dnb mix whenever i come to it. You’ll be properly and thoroughly relaxed. 

Released 2006. Discogs

Unnatural Selection & Cik -  Day Of Judgement (Ophidians Mainstage RmX) (Melodic Hardcore) 

The second track of Masters Of Hardcore 27 was a cut of this stunning track. Beautiful melodic hardcore from the only hardcore producers i respect: the people at cardiac. If you don’t like hardcore, just skip the first 2 minutes of the track.

Released: 2009 Youtube Discogs

Juggernaut – Got 2 be a Ruffneck (Harcore, Old school) 

Ok, i admit. I’ve sorted out all enzyme / ruffneck mp3’s and supplied them with album art. (see pics at end of article). I’ts hard to find good rips / ruffneck collection cd rips. I’m still wondering why they don’t have an online shop where i can buy tracks from the old label. (i suppose it wont fit in their business model).

Anyway, this track is stunning from start to finish. Lots of energy. One of the best tracks on the Ruffneck label, which makes you feel cool about listening to their music and being part of the fans. 

Released: 1997 Youtube Cardiac

Cunninlynguists – Interlude 2 (Instrumental, Hip Hop) 

One of my favorite hip hop / rap bands, not so much for their lyrics but more for their beats. I abandoned rap-lyrics a while ago, so i don’t pay much attention to them. Its not gangster rap, so their message is probably one of good faith. The piano in this instrumental got me, feelings of happiness and regret. Wow it was so powerful and it keeps on being beautiful. Don’t put it on repeat though; it will lose its value.

Released: 2003 Youtube Wikipedia

Weaver & Andy L – Tell Me (New Happy Hardcore) 

Behinde this cheesy is a 3-cd collection full of happy hardcore made by the hardcore masif dj’s. That doesn’t mean its bad, it means that if you like 1 song; you’ll like them all. This is one of the tracks that really shines in front of the rest. Almost all vocals on the cd’s are performed by Or lisa marie Or Alison Wade, which are both nightingales. Note: The audio on the cd is so loud you’ll need to adjust your sterio volume before listening. I think these guys have won the loudness war. I praise them for it.

Released: 2008 Youtube (youtube audio = bad) Discogs

So there you have it, 10 tracks from my iTunes of last month. Aside from these (harder) tracks i also listened to sky.fm smooth jazz; its absolutely great. Who knows what i’ll be listening to next month 🙂


Bonus material:

I cleaned my ruffneck, gangsta, enzyme and enzyme x vinylrips. Albumart in iTunes rules. (note: the vinylrips are of poor quality (artifacts, broken, maximized); a disgrace. I lack the money to have the actual records. I do own some of them though.)