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Music of the now #2

Its the end of the month again. What a month it was. It included slight pneumonia, family weekend, “apenkooien” and a lot of homework.

I managed to update my iTunes playlist, which is starting to become awesome. There are definitely more then 10 songs i want to share with you, but ill limit myself to the 10 best songs of this month.

Remember that this is not a chart, its just 10 random songs i got to know in the past month. 

A total of 453 different songs were (fully!) played in this month. A total time of 1 day and 10 hours. Only 3.45 GB if we are talking about data.

Lets kick it off:

DJ Anounymos – So i herd u liek musics (oh lawd, is dat sum insurgery) v2.1 (less kkk edition) (happy, fast, hardhouse)       

I downloaded the lulz CD’s from the insurg.in; a site for scriptkiddies and 3vil hax0r which, how would you not expect it, is ddossed frequently. On one of the first cd’s there is this track! A great uptempo mix with a catching melody and a fine beat. There was only one downside: there was a “join the kkk” sample it it, which i don’t condone. So i contacted DJ Anounymos and he was kind enough to render a version without the KKK samples for play during parties 🙂 I played this one during “apenkooien” in Arnhem. Unfortunately i’m not allowed to distribute this version, but you can still listen to the original track. See the links: 

Released: 19-01-2008. DJ Anounymos Website Youtube

JL Madskillz feat. JM – El Piloto Del Flow (reggaetón)
This one came along one of the promo cd’s. I haven’t got the faintest idea what they are talking about. This song was followed by Lee Wilson – Can i Get Your Number; also reggaetón in the same key and almost the same structure. I think its good. I heard a lot of ‘CALLE’ shouting in these songs, which translates directly to street… i think its the friendly sounding gangster sound from the carribbean. I love it though, so more of this in next months edition.

Released: 1997. No Youtube, No Discogs… effect of a promo probably.

State of Mind – Sunking (Drum ‘n Bass)       

Oh My fucking god! I heard this track as a leader for the second Utreg United party in Utrecht. Holy shit it rocked my world. I Love Drum n Bass. A friend gave me the whole album (Take Control, 2006) and there are more great tracks on it: Mindslicer and Real Mccoy. Its rough melodic drum n bass, which i like.

Released 2006. Youtube Discogs

Reyes – Fuck You (old school Hardcore)
The only worthwhile tracks on ‘The K.N.O.R. Anniversary Hardcore Inferno’ from back in the days of XSV, KNOR and Ruffneck. I listened to it back in 1996 when i borrowed the CD from a cousin. Now i was visiting the same cousin again, and asked if i could rip this cd to my laptop. Great success ensued. Released: 1996 Youtube Discogs
Bjork – Army of Me (Electronica, Pop)       

Thanks to radio 3 dj Paul Rabberink for playing this one on national radio. He called it a strange song, but i don’t share that opinion. I’ts a brilliant song, don’t mess with this one. It’s as massive as the large truck she was driving in in the video clip. This army will crush you.

Released: 1995 Last.FM

A.D.O.R. – One For the Trouble (old school Rap)       

Back once again with the ill behaviour, can you feel it, nothing can save ya. Its the A for Alla(h?!), D for Damager, O for Outta here, R for the renegade master.

And we all know what came from that. The album (The Concrete) is great. Although i don’t like the lyrics in some songs, but hey… i think he had some hard times.

Released 1994. Youtube Discogs

Down South - Tractors, Rakes And Hoes (old school Hip Hop)
What’s happening here? More Hip Hop? On MY website? YES! Another great album, which i found in the following torrents: “20 Classic:Rare:Obscure Rap:Hip Hop albums part 1” and “20 More Classic Hip Hop Rap Albums“. These torrents feature only rap albums with classic songs, lyrics and beats. 

This album Lost in Brooklyn from Down South is one of the best in the bundle. It’s also kind of strange due to its southern atmosphere. 

Released: 1994 Youtube Discogs

Strickly Roots – Beg No Friends (old school Hip Hop)
I can fill this entire blog entry only with Hip Hop that is worthwhile listening. I think 3 tracks is enough to describe 40 albums. But for people who are still in doubt, here are some names: “5 Elementz, Al Tariq, D.I.T.C., GZA, Mood, Rass Kass, Sadat X.This track has the real old school flavor: smooth beats, samples, scratching, rapping and dreads.

I also love the album cover. Thats a real picture, just as it is. 

Released: 1994 Youtube Discogs

Tsunami One & BT – Hip Hop Phenomenon (Electronica)
I had this song in 1999 in a mix i recorded from Einslive (a german radio station). Unfortunately i lost this tape. The mix was filled with absolute classics like this song. Found this in the Y4K Discography (which i never had heard of before). They carry a lot of good songs but haven’t got time to really listen to it. Probably more next month. 

To describe in more popular therms: it kinds sounds like the newer prodigy mixed with techno? I don’t know. I love it.

Released: 1999 Youtube Discogs

Funta – Kao Dekai (Anime, jPop, jRock, lulz)       

Moar lulz cd content: a fun anime song. The singer (girl) sings about a large head. This head is a great point of interest to the singer; it is large, surprisingly large, it is huge, it is long and it is impossible to hide anywhere. (translations). 

In general its a cute sounding track full of craziness; its best if you don’t understand the lyrics but only vaguely know what they are about.

Released: 1998 Youtube Insurg.in

That concludes 10 tracks from last month. There are many more to mention (for example Moby – In this world) but that will be saved for later. Who knows what’s up for the next month? I’ll be expanding my iTunes playlist up to 40.000 songs in the next months so probably lots of new stuff.

Music was my first love, and it will be my last. Music of the future and music of the past.


Bonus material:

I cleaned my iTunes library and playlists. 

For removing dead tracks (you know, with the exclamation mark) you can use this.

My library now looks like this:

Elgers playlist structure

The structure is simple:

– Everything is sorted by genre.

– All genres contain 3 types of playlists.

  • # prefixed albums with special content: dj stuff (selected), unsorted and unable to be sorted (yet)
  • Artist name playlists: only contains complete albums by this artist
  • Artist – Album playlists: when there is only one album from this artist in my collection.
Genres are vague on purpose. For example: rock will contain classic rock, popular rock, soft rock as well as metal, hard rock, punk and such.
Obviously i’ve not listened to all this music yet. Albums that suck will be purged, but this has not happened in repetition yet. Therefore there is no need (yet) to keep a list of all sucky albums and horrible artists.