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Eth0 Golden Ticket

In 2010, on 16/17 January, there will be the Eth0:2010 Winter edition. Eth0 is a socially oriented gathering of friendly geeks, girls and technology in the outer regions of the Netherlands. See link at the bottom for more info.

I just purchased a ticket. Due to some awesomeness in my head, i’ve got Eric Cartman screaming around with the text “i’ve got a golden ticket, i’ve got a golden ticket”. So I decided to pimp up the ticket; with a subtle gold touch. In the end everything was gold-plated to give it that extra feel. Shoop da woop.





Unfortunately the qcode doesn’t work anymore.

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Operation LIONCASH!

Im in favour of the latest craze created by ae. After a long series of fail and forced meme’s, I see a bright future for Operation LIONCASH. It is funny, non-offensive and creative; a combincation ae is not very good at.


Lioncash is your dollar/euro/yen currency with a lionface on it; >:3 . This sounds dull, just check the image below to instantly understand. To support this brilliant idea i designed a promotional poster. Its target is to be used in US store windows and where ever else is appropriate.


Download instructions:

Make your choice from 8 renditions in PNG or JPG format. Click on the image and then click on the ‘full size’ link that appears in the image preview. Warning: the large format is intended for offset printing. Also check the licensing therms if you are an author.


Original format:

The poster was made using Photoshop CS3. The original PSD file is available on request. Some file information: 300dpi on US letter format.



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