NEW! The 3 Britneys – Circus (HIT RECORD)

The brand spankin’ new song by The 3 Britneys is called Circus!

After hundreds of hours of high-end production and many more hours of performing the 3 Brintneys finally completed this magnificent crown-jewel of a song. “We’re ready to storm the charts and stay on top once again.” according to one of the Brinteys.

You heard it ladies and gentlemen! We proudly present The 3 BRITNEYS – CIRCUS!

Download:  HERE and here

Uncompressed cover art here: click


Some serious notes if you wanna know what this is all about:

Britney’s music is great, and she sings perfectly. That makes her the ideal target for a parody series (unlike Cher). In this series the three recently discovered Britney clones try to match Britneys quality performance. Unfortunately they can not sing, and therefore got a slightly less complete record deal. Not only to mention their faces… one looks like a Mudkip for crying out loud! This is their first single, and hopefully many more to come.

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