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Selection of loud, weird and hip-new strange tunes

– Interruption –
A selection of loud, weird and strange electro house and dubstep tunes i’ve been listening to for the past few weeks. All of these tracks are special. All of them stand out.
  1. Monolythe – Siberia (Jelo Remix) [because of the bassline, wow!]
  2. Skirmish – Dont Tell Anybody ft Cherly Cole [its clarity, simplicity and even more impressive bassline]
  3. Jayson Miro & D’Arezzo feat. D. MC – Chop Till You Drop (Original Mix) [mellow sounds meet ghetto-trash-cheap-youth-electro]
  4. Deadmau5 vs Jelo – The Reward Is Cheese (Johnny Krazy Rework) [as steady as they come]
  5. The Residents Evil – Bite [another growling bassline]
  6. X-press 2 – London Xpress (Tim Healey Vs Marc Adamo Remix) [excellent remix, listening to this one for months. The siren is awesome.]
  7. KANE DUBSTEP – bioluminescence [this goed beyond every imaginable fucked up noise and is SUPEREFFECTIVE]
  8. Tremourz and J. Rabbit – Energylegs [IT WILL MAKE YOU HAVE 400 BABIES]
  9. MC Jakes  – Warface (Distorted Minds Remix) [private joker, why did you join my beloved corps?]
  10. Pascal & Pearce – Disko Biskit (Original Mix) [game over]

Yes, too lazy for youtubes… check them out, its worthwhile.

– i’m sorry ‘ did i break your concentration? go on! –