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Stitch Liveshow – Episode 1

Image Copyright Disney, the disney-dj stitch is no more, so i took some liberty here...

To celebrate the glorious upgrade of my dj skills, I started the Stitch Liveshow; A (bi-)weekly show that will contain about one hour of music. This first episode contains my favorite Drum & Bass releases from past weeks. Since the tracks are selected according to my likings, its actually Drum & Bass & Melodies. Enjoy the great tracks, and the decent mixing. I actually felt the vibe halfway of the mix… can’t wait for the new one! Enjoy!

Total playing time: 1.18.14 (and yes, it even fits on cd!)


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Filesize: 179.2 MB, 320 kbit.


  1. Lovebirds – Green (I Feel this Mix) [Urban Symphonies]
  2. Motta – Imagination Feat msdos (Original Mix) [Desperate Luv EP]
  3. Dose and Blackplanet – Man The Weather [Fokuz Limited (FKZLTD021)
  4. Syncopix – Stay In Touch [Spearhead (SPEAR027)]
  5. Breaksense – Everyday (Original Mix) [Changing World Everyday]
  6. Netsky – I Refuse [Spearhead (SPEAR029)]
  7. Human Factor – Sensation [Liquid Allsorts Drum and Bass Vol 1 (Unmixed)]
  8. Syncopix – Girl Talk (Original Mix) [Urban Symphonies] [Recommended]
  9. Mutated Forms – Should I [Liquid Allsorts Drum and Bass Vol 1 (Unmixed)]
  10. Netsky – Midnight Express [Spearhead (SPEAR029)]
  11. Soulmatic – Hold Me [Intrinsic (INTRINSIC013)]
  12. KG – Runaway [Viper VIP (VPRVIP011)] [Recommended]
  13. Ultimate C – Side by Side [Basswerk Files 032]
  14. Soulmatic – Going Deep Down [Intrinsic (INTRINSIC013)]
  15. The Ceremony (VIP) – S.I.N. [Eesti Drum n Bass Vol3]
  16. Ultimate C – Behind the Sorrow [Basswerk Files 032]
  17. End User – Stillness (Re-Edit) [Left Mixes And Edits]
  18. Ketz – Red Planet (Original Mix) [Digital Pot 13]

I’m currently applying for an iTunes affiliation program; soon you can directly buy the songs mentioned.