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Stitch Liveshow – Episode 1

Image Copyright Disney, the disney-dj stitch is no more, so i took some liberty here...

To celebrate the glorious upgrade of my dj skills, I started the Stitch Liveshow; A (bi-)weekly show that will contain about one hour of music. This first episode contains my favorite Drum & Bass releases from past weeks. Since the tracks are selected according to my likings, its actually Drum & Bass & Melodies. Enjoy the great tracks, and the decent mixing. I actually felt the vibe halfway of the mix… can’t wait for the new one! Enjoy!

Total playing time: 1.18.14 (and yes, it even fits on cd!)


  • uber fast Download: right click, save as. (sponsored by: vexocide.org)
  • regular fast Mirror: right click, save as.

Filesize: 179.2 MB, 320 kbit.


  1. Lovebirds – Green (I Feel this Mix) [Urban Symphonies]
  2. Motta – Imagination Feat msdos (Original Mix) [Desperate Luv EP]
  3. Dose and Blackplanet – Man The Weather [Fokuz Limited (FKZLTD021)
  4. Syncopix – Stay In Touch [Spearhead (SPEAR027)]
  5. Breaksense – Everyday (Original Mix) [Changing World Everyday]
  6. Netsky – I Refuse [Spearhead (SPEAR029)]
  7. Human Factor – Sensation [Liquid Allsorts Drum and Bass Vol 1 (Unmixed)]
  8. Syncopix – Girl Talk (Original Mix) [Urban Symphonies] [Recommended]
  9. Mutated Forms – Should I [Liquid Allsorts Drum and Bass Vol 1 (Unmixed)]
  10. Netsky – Midnight Express [Spearhead (SPEAR029)]
  11. Soulmatic – Hold Me [Intrinsic (INTRINSIC013)]
  12. KG – Runaway [Viper VIP (VPRVIP011)] [Recommended]
  13. Ultimate C – Side by Side [Basswerk Files 032]
  14. Soulmatic – Going Deep Down [Intrinsic (INTRINSIC013)]
  15. The Ceremony (VIP) – S.I.N. [Eesti Drum n Bass Vol3]
  16. Ultimate C – Behind the Sorrow [Basswerk Files 032]
  17. End User – Stillness (Re-Edit) [Left Mixes And Edits]
  18. Ketz – Red Planet (Original Mix) [Digital Pot 13]

I’m currently applying for an iTunes affiliation program; soon you can directly buy the songs mentioned.

Hit eXplosion 2009 – Volume 8

It’s here :) Again all hits of this moment onto a double cd. Please listen to Haus am See by Peter Fox, its beautiful.

Parts 1 to 7 of 2009 are now available on Usenet.

Links for part 8: Usenet and Bittorrent. Enjoy.

Also: new information of the Old MTV Braun and Hit eXplosion will be published later this year. Prepare for a surprise. (I won’t note this again since i did a similar notice last time. Just wait and see.)

Covers (again in low res here, just download for the offset-press ready version):


And who knows what next month will bring.

Hit eXplosion 2009 Volume 7

This is a follow up from one of the comments on The MTV Braun Eurocharts story.

Since January 2009 a new league of Hit eXplosions has been published. The new edition is in a pure and digital form. It is in many ways better than various other Hit eXplosions from the past years. The new ‘Mister X’  added various personal twists and improvements to the series. You can expect high quality mp3’s (320 kpbs) and superior cover art.

For those who are new to Hit eXplosion: Hit eXplosion holds an overview of current chart hits. They are published in a digital form every month. The name Hit eXplosion and the layout is taken from a similar compliation cd that was created illegaly in the Netherlands from 1996 to 1999. Downloading this digital cd is legal, as was buying the physical cd’s in the old days. You can expect 40+ hits per month for virtually no effort.

Download of Volume 7: via newsgroups or torrents on easynews.se.

You can also find all newer versions on this weblog.

Whenever a new release appears ill post something on this blog (at least in some way). Hopefully this will go a long way.

The following pictures are strongly reduced in quality:

Naken wimmenz ftw ^^

Note: soon i’ll update the article about the MTV Braun Eurocharts.