Stitch Liveshow – Episode 3 – Old School

Image Copyright Disney, the disney-dj stitch is no more, so i took some liberty here...Follow the stitch liveshows on twitter:

A selection of the finest tracks from “Techno Trance”, a Dutch compilation CD from the 90’s. In contrast to previous mixes, this one is pretty good and mixed pretty fast. I played 25 songs in about 45 minutes, which is nice for this genre. Also mixed without removing the headphones from my head while continuously on the edge.

Actually I had to mix this one twice; forgot to punch in the record button the first time. Happens. Anyway; imperfection and improvisation is part of the game. Enjoy this one.

If you’ve got suggestions for next weeks mix, let me know. Playing different genre/style every week.

Total playing time: 46.53


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Filesize: 107.4 MB, 320 kbit.


  1. Booming Support – Rode Schoentjes
  2. Overnite – The Time Has Come
  3. Studio X – Los Kings Del Mambo
  4. Sadomasy & DJ One – Bodymotion
  5. Bass Boy – Let The Bass Be Louder
  6. L.A. Style – I’m Raving
  7. 2 Unlimited – Workaholic (Rio & Le Jean Mix)
  8. The Ultimate Seduction – Housenation
  9. 2 Bros. ft. Sequential – Turn Da Music Up (Sequential Remix)
  10. Elevation – Can You Feel It
  11. 2 Unlimited – Twilight Zone
  12. Sequential – Psychotronic
  13. Speedy J – Pull Over (Remix)
  14. The Ultimate Seduction – The Ultimate Seduction
  15. Vicious Delicious – Hocus Pocus
  16. Obscure FM – Michale Jackson Is In Heaven Now [insider joke]
  17. 2 Unlimited – No Limit
  18. Infectious – I Need Your Lovin’
  19. Xenomaniacs – Zone Tripper
  20. Mike Dunn – Magic Feet (Remix)
  21. Terra Wan – Caramba
  22. Rotterdam Termination Source – Poing
  23. 2 Hi – Jump (A Little Hi-Er)
  24. DJ Hooligan – B.O.T.T.R.O.P.
  25. Citrus – Fascination
  26. Euro Masters – Alles Naar De Kl##te!

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